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Top 10 Bathroom Design Trends for 2014

Renovating a bathroom is a major undertaking. You want to create your ideal space but also increase the value of your home. We’ve identified the top 10 trends in bathroom design for 2014 to consider when planning a bathroom remodel.

1. Black and Grey

Moving away from the beige and white currently popular for bathrooms, homeowners are exploring the more modern appeal of black and grey. Strong pops of black in tubs, fixtures or tile can bring contrast and excitement to an otherwise sterile white bath. A grey color scheme is calming and evokes a spa-like atmosphere.

nj kitchen and bath

2. Stainless, Polished Chrome and Nickel

To complement cool grey and black tones, stainless, chrome and nickel hardware are seeing a return to popularity. This imparts a more modern and sleek look than bronze and brass fixtures.

3. Accessible Shower Design

As more people are choosing to age in place, bathroom designers are responding by creating more accessible design. Large, easily accessible showers have replaced soaking tubs in popularity. According to a National Kitchen & Bath Association survey, 42% of designers expect to see a decrease in installations of soaking tubs. 70% predict an increase in showers without thresholds for easy entrance. Many of these will also incorporate benches to provide seated showering.

nj kitchen and bath remodeling nj

4. Frameless Glass Showers

Even if accessibility isn’t a concern, homeowners are gravitating towards the clean look of frameless glass showers. The Houzz 2014 Winter Bathroom Trends study reveals that more than half of all master bath renovations include plans for this type of shower.

5. Comfort Height Vanities and Toilets

Along with easily accessible showers, designers report an increase in vanities and toilets that are a few inches higher for easier use. The NKBA survey reports that over 80% of vanities and toilets installed in 2013 were comfort height. Comfort height is between 34”-36” high. 

6. Separate Throne Room

Whether comfort height or traditional, privacy is a major element for many homeowners. A separate room for the commode is a trend that continues to grow. Half of all planned renovations reported in the Houzz study included one.

7. High efficiency flushing

Regardless of the type of toilet being installed or whether it has its own room, the majority will be high-efficiency. Less than 10% of planned renovations for 2014 call for installation of a traditional toilet.

8. Furniture Style

As bathrooms grow larger, designers are incorporating furniture-like elements into the design. Vanities and cupboards appear to be free standing, as in the bathroom below. The double vanity is transformed into two cabinets with the addition of cabinetry feet. 

nj kitchen and bath remodeling nj

9. Heated Floors and Walls

A cold bathroom floor can be a shock during a middle of the night trip. Radiant heating elements added to the floor can make it less jarring. Heating elements can also be added to the walls of a shower making it much more cozy.  

10. Adding Light

The final element growing in popularity is including more light. Adding windows or skylight is a priority for 60% of homeowners in the Houzz study. A smaller percentage (7%) plan to augment with LED lights in the showerhead. 

Regardless of what elements you incorporate, a talented designer is a must. The pros at TrueLeaf Kitchens have the experience and skill to create a bath that meets your needs and improves your home. To see what we can do visit out our bathroom design gallery or contact us.

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